Who we are

We are a small multi-gaming community based in Europe. We are playing and chilling together like a virtual family.
We are no freaks or robots. We are Squeezeyianer's.

Our goal is to provide the best communication server for our community. From ground up we developed the server as simple and user-friendly as possible to give the players the best experience.

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In the past we had over 99,8% uptime and gained 95% positive feedback.

Our Partners

Click here if you want partnership with us.

Discord can be used for text or voice communication. We are using it to reach the community with updates and news.

There are no private channels available like on teamspeak so thats why we prefer teamspeak for voice communication.

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  • Member Update

    Congratulations to Moderator:

    Lexy aka lxy



    you passed the trial phase. drakeyes

    But we're also saying sorry to:

    #Scaryxo. (got kicked out cause inactivity)

    Julian (got kicked out cause inactivity + he normally got kicked out a half year ago but we gave him several chances but he unfortunately not passed the trial phase)

    for leaving our team. ForeverAlone

    Group Update (TeamSpeak & Forum)

    We are introducing the PlayStation group.

    How can i get the PlayStation group?

    1. You need to be verified
    2. You need to join the Squeezey group on PlayStation
    3. Apply here (Please just enter your PSN-Name)
    4. Well Done!