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    Stay polite and factual.

    Respect other people.

    Don't insult or discriminate other people.

    Instructions from team members are to be obeyed.

    Rules of conduct

    Advertisement is forbidden.

    Do not be disrespectful or provocative.

    Spreading misinformation or lies is prohibited.

    Don't overuse Capslock.

    Exploitng bugs is forbidden. Please report us any bugs you find.

    Don't act as another person.

    Constantly changing the channel to annoy other peole is forbidden.

    Do not poke or spam other people to annoy them.


    If you feel bothered by someone, have problems or questions, or want to report a player who appears to be violating the rules then do so by official means. Get in touch with one of the moderators or admins on the TeamSpeak 3 server. You can also conntact them on the forum.


    Basically, we endeavor to treat offenses in an appropriate manner. If you feel unjustified, you can open a thread in the forum.

    Depending on the seriousness of the offense and the evidence, your sentence may be reduced or even canceled.

    The community team reserves the right to change or extend the rules if necessary.

    The Community Team is under no obligation to provide information about players, spells, kicks, other offenses or internal decision-making processes.