Posts by Lexy aka lxy

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    1. What's your nickname(s), age and location?:

    My nicknames are Lexy or Lxy i am 15 years old and i come from Germany.

    2. Tell us something about yourself

    I am kind and i love to help users that need help, i play alot of games and i know how to handle thing because i had an own discord server.

    3. How long have you already been on Squeezey?:

    I have been 129 days on

    4. Why do you want to join the Squeezey team?:

    Becuase i want to help ans support Squeezey and the users.

    5. What are your goals as a Squeezey Member?:

    I want to be a Moderator because my Goals are to bring Light into the Darkness of Questions.