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    1. What's your nickname(s), age and location?:

    Ronaldo, 17, Austria

    2. Tell us something about yourself:

    I am living in Baden, close to Vienna, since I was born. I can speak 3 languages, these are Turkish (my mother tongue), German and English. Now I am going to highschool, section Electronics & IT. In my spare time I am playing games or talk to my friends.

    3. How long have you already been on Squeezey?:

    I am here since April-May 2017.

    4. Why do you want to join the Squeezey team?:

    Well, one of my main reasons to join this team is to help people when they need me, I get along with almost everyone here on the teamspeak and I have some friends which are in the team aswell!

    5. What are your goals as a Administrator/Moderator?:

    As I said above, my main goal is to help people when they need help because I know how to handle things like that.

    • Why you need a Permanent Channel?

    Weil ich mit meinen Freunden ungestört reden will

    • Since when you're on our Teamspeak?

    schon seit April - Mai 2017