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    flag-en Introduction

    Before someone gets Moderator there will be a trial-period to perform. We call this period "Trial". Once the candidate passed this period, he will upranked to moderator.

    Create your join-request here with following requirements.

    1. 1. Introduce yourself (Name, Age,...)
    2. 2. Why you want to join the #SqueezeyCrew
    3. 3. How many "GAMING" communities have you been in ? (name them)
    4. 4. Additional information (optional):

    flag-de Anleitung

    Bevor man Moderator wird, muss man eine Testphase mit beschränkten Rechten bestehen. Diese Phase nennen wir "Trial". Zeigt sich der Trial in seiner Probezeit vorbildlich und nutzt seine Macht sinnvoll, wird er nach einigen Wochen zum Moderator hochgestuft.

    Erstelle deine Anfrage zum Moderator bzw. Trial hier mit folgenden Punkten:

    1. 1. Stell Dich kurz vor (Name, Alter,...)
    2. 2. Warum möchtest du zur #SqueezeyCrew?
    3. 3. In wie vielen Communities warst du bereits?
    4. 4. Zusätzliche Informationen (optional):


    • New welcome page
    • New design (Please reports bug/suggestions) ultra_fast_parrot
    • Rank-Icons added trialadminmoderatorveteranverified
    • Gif-Info added (click here)
    • Trophys added
    • Login with Discord added


    • Few members which are inactive got deranked to veteran. If they will be active again, they will get they previous group back
    • Captain Gyros welcome on board drakeyes

    Voice & Chat

    • (TS) Deleted PlayStation-Group
    • (DC) Added Sync
    • Extended TeamSpeak-Sync
    • Cleaned TeamSpeak-Database
    • (TS) Fixed Server-Groups thanks to CubE135  

    Member Update

    Congratulations to Moderator:




    you passed the trial phase. drakeyes

    But we're also saying sorry to:

    #Scaryxo. (got kicked out cause inactivity)

    Julian (got kicked out cause inactivity + he normally got kicked out a half year ago but we gave him several chances but he unfortunately not passed the trial phase)

    for leaving our team. ForeverAlone

    Group Update (TeamSpeak & Forum)

    We are introducing the PlayStation group.

    How can i get the PlayStation group?

    1. You need to be verified
    2. You need to join the Squeezey group on PlayStation
    3. Apply here (Please just enter your PSN-Name)
    4. Well Done!

    Wir versuchen deine Join-Request schnellstmöglich zu bearbeiten, wird jedoch noch ein bischen dauern sadpepe

    Channel wurde auf Inaktiv gesetzt. BItte hier Antworten falls du dein Channel wieder benötigst danger_dolan

    Channel wurde auf Inaktiv gesetzt. BItte hier Antworten falls du dein Channel wieder benötigst danger_dolan

    Update 5.2

    Welcome to our third update this year. This is by far the biggest administration update.

    Intern Changes

    First of all congratulation dinco for the uprank to Admin!

    He was the most helpful person for the last months. Without him this update could not be released that fast. Also thanks to FLVCKO , CubE135 and -ffs-Joee for administration help.

    We have given Julian a second chance, so his trial period got extended. Abusing rights is not exemplary:!:

    New Emojis!


    Forum Changes

    Goodbye ShoutBox! We removed the ShoutBox because we dont saw any sence for it. For communication we got Discord Yaoming

    Join us on Discord!

    Forum changed to 5.0.2

    Change background image

    Fixed external link images

    New favicon

    New start page

    Removed the task system

    Users now cant like theire own content

    Like/Disklike button colors

    Teamspeak Changes

    The problem in the past was that we cant 100% identify people. So we cant reward people that are already a few years in our community. Thats why we implemented the forum a year ago. Everyone is able to verify his TeamSpeak account with the forum so we can now identify clients.

    New Server!

    We finnaly got our new own server with an Non-Profit license. Thanks to TeamSpeak for the good support!

    Sync Groups

    The TeamSpeak and forum are now melted together. Once you get a group on forum you will automaticlly get it on TeamSpeak. Also you get the verified morty group. With this group you have benefits like Full-HD-Avatars, descriptions,...

    Year Groups

    For your loyality we reward you with special groups. For example users which registred in 2017 get the 2k17 Group:

    Users which are registred since or in 2018 get the 2k18 group.

    Private Channels Changes

    There are now two types of channels

    1. Temporary channels

    This type of channels easly can be created by theirselfs. After 6h inactivity the channel automatically get deleted.

    2. Permanent channels

    Permanent channels needs to requested on the forum followed by the template here. After 3 Month inactivity on forum, the owner will be contacted if he still need his channel. If the owner of that channel does not response, the channel will get deleted.

    Changelog 5.1

    Welcome to the most creative update for Squeezey!

    Forum - We extended our forum license so there are features availaible like:


    Profile Header

    Emojis - New emoji available on discord & forum!


    New member group & colors

    We decided to create a new group for new Squeezey members. They first need to pass the trial phase bevore they getting moderator. In this phase we can analyze if the member fits into our team.

    Administrator - members which develop or administer

    Moderator - the educators

    Trial(NEW!) - the supporters

    Veteran - former member, with us since the beginning

    United we are stronger:!:

    For the future we want to be more active in games and tournements. Also we want to bring more updates & get more connected to the community. Help us to improve our services and write down below what disturbes you.


    5 years ago Squeezey was created and I am glad to introduce you to our biggest update! We noticed that our community is growing and we are breaking one record after another. I want to say welcome to our new Squeezianers dinco & -ffs-Joee and to our new leader FLVCKO ! Also a big shoutout goes to baueey for designing sick stuff, CubE135 for helping develope the update and all other members!

    We also noticed that we need to change our group system because there are Members which dont need the higher permisson. Thats why we say sorry to *GER*Revenge and GerSlasher for the derank from Administrator -> Moderator.


    Comming Updates

    We just wanted to say thanks to Chronobit! They are our hoster since the beginning of Squeezey. If we had issues or wishes they always helped us out.