[EN] How to verify on TeamSpeak

Register and verify your TeamSpeak-Account, to get special groups on our TeamSpeak server. Click here for more information.

  • How to verify a TeamSpeak-Account with the Forum


    Whats the benefits

    This group gives you special abilities. This means that you have more permission than the average user. On TeamSpeak you are able to set Full-HD avatars or a custom descriptions. Also you get the 2k groups which displays since when you are a part of the community.

    Just follow these Steps

    Step 1

    LogIn on this forum and connect to our teamspeak.

    Step 2

    Copy your Unique-TeamSpeak-ID

    Step 3

    Click here

    Step 4

    Insert your Teamspeak-ID. You dont need to enter an Device note!

    Step 5

    On our TeamSpeak-Server you got an code which you need enter also at this page here.

    Well Done!
    You are verified now!
    ♥ - stay squeezey

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