Squeezey 5.1

  • Changelog 5.1

    Welcome to the most creative update for Squeezey!

    Forum - We extended our forum license so there are features availaible like:


    Profile Header

    Emojis - New emoji available on discord & forum!

    kappakappaHD babyrage brokeback cmonBruh coolStoryBob FailFish Kreygasm morty OPFrog PartyTime PogChamp SeriousSloth Yaoming TrollFace Okay MeGusta LoL Fuuuuuu ForeverAlone FckYeah

    New member group & colors

    We decided to create a new group for new Squeezey members. They first need to pass the trial phase bevore they getting moderator. In this phase we can analyze if the member fits into our team.

    Administrator - members which develop or administer

    Moderator - the educators

    Trial(NEW!) - the supporters

    Veteran - former member, with us since the beginning

    United we are stronger:!:

    For the future we want to be more active in games and tournements. Also we want to bring more updates & get more connected to the community. Help us to improve our services and write down below what disturbes you.