Squeezey 5.0

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    5 years ago Squeezey was created and I am glad to introduce you to our biggest update! We noticed that our community is growing and we are breaking one record after another. I want to say welcome to our new Squeezianers dinco & -ffs-Joee and to our new leader FLVCKO ! Also a big shoutout goes to baueey for designing sick stuff, CubE135 for helping develope the update and all other members!

    We also noticed that we need to change our group system because there are Members which dont need the higher permisson. Thats why we say sorry to *GER*Revenge and GerSlasher for the derank from Administrator -> Moderator.


    Comming Updates


    We just wanted to say thanks to Chronobit! They are our hoster since the beginning of Squeezey. If we had issues or wishes they always helped us out.